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The Zoe Show playlist for 02/04/2013

Artist Album Title Label New
Third Party Massive Breakbeats Screw Face NA No
The Ruby Suns Christopher Desert of Pop Sub Pop Yes
Anthomy Hello My Name Is Anthony Love Blind NA Yes
Elin Ruth Sk Bang Divers Avenue Music No
Midnight Spin Don't Let Me Sleep The Other Side of the Road NA Yes
RockBusters We're from texas and you're not Life Sucks na No
Lamps Under the Water Under the Ground Hopelessness In the End Yes
Jimmy Lee Tune Up Queen Bee NA No
The Moldy Peaches ST Nothing Came Out NA No
Road Kill Ghost Choir Ghost Notes Drifter SN Yes
The Bronx four Style over everything White Drugs Yes
Family Think about life Wizzard NA Yes
Bear In Heaven Beast Rest Fourth Mouth Lovesick Teenagers NA No
Yo La Tengo Fade Ohm Matadar Yes
Company Flow Func Rush Erplus Bad Touch Example NA No
The Voice Happy Happy NA No
Sweet Knievel Collapsible Rule of Thumb NA Yes
Kill Your Idols From championship to competition your wish is my command NA No
Builder of the house i am a tidal wave Niktricity NA Yes
Fifth Element Fresh Call On Me NA No
Big Twist and Blues Playing for Keeps Got A Problem NA No
Malacoda Cascade Wakan Tanka NA No
ben harper with charlie musselwhite get up! I'm In and I'm out and im gone stax Yes
James Stevenson shape of things to come Naturally Wired pink gun Yes
norwegian arms wolf like a stray dog She Lives in a Secret Town big school Yes
Magnapop rubbing doesnt help snakes na No
The Feds chicago bureau wasted life na No