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WildChats playlist for 11/08/2016

Artist Album Title Label New
Loggins & Messina On Stage Angry Eyes No
Jon Astley Everyone Loves the Pilot (Except for the Crew) Jane's Getting Serious No
Peter Godwin single Images of Heaven No
Adam Ant Prince Charming Mohawk/S.E.X. No
Alice Cooper Billion Dollar Babies Elected No
The Good Rats From Rats to Riches Don't Hate the Ones Who Bring You Rock and Roll No
Lords of the New Church Is Nothing Sacred? Black Girl/White Girl No
Sisters of Mercy Floodland This Corrosion No
The Godfathers EP Birth, School, Work, Death No
The Outlets t/c Whole New World No
John Hiatt Bring the Family Memphis in the Meantime No
Lynard Skynard Pronounced "Leh-nard Sky-nard" Things Going On No
Jason and the Scorchers Lost and Found I Really Don't Want to Know No
The Rockets No Ballads Sally Can't Dance No
Ozark Mountain Daredevils s/t Standing on a Rock No
NRPQ Tap Dancin' Bats Trouble in the Hen House No
Peter & The Test-Tube Babies s/t Louise Wouldn't Like It No
Bananarama single Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good?) No
Sade Diamond Life Why Can't We Live Together? No
Peter Gabriel/Shankur/Little Steven single No More Aparteid No
Acid Casualties Panic Station Point Me to the Sky No
Pet Shop Boys single It's a Sin No
Donny Iris Live (at the Paradise Rock Club) The Rapper No
The Rave-Ups Town & Country Positively Lost Me No
Traffic Welcome to the Canteen Medicated Goo No
Real Kids s/t All Kindsa Girls No
Tragically Hip s/t I'm a Werewolf, Baby No
Rolling Stones Between the Buttons Connection No
The Radiators Law of the Fish Like Dreamers Do No
Pretty Things Cross-Talk Office Love No
Holly & the Italians s/t Cool Love No
Badfinger Baby Blue No

 The gentlemen kindly handed me the ball to play for Vinyl Week.  Thanks, guys.  Suellen