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Worlds of Music playlist for 09/05/2017

Artist Album Title Label New
Davido Afrobeats Hot Hits Skelewu Shanachie Yes
Bayete and Jabu Khanyile Africa Unite Africa Unite PolyGram No
Rayce African Juice Shiki Shiki (Remix with D'Banj) Shanachie Yes
Baaba Maal Firin' In Fouta Gorel Mango-Island Records No
Maurice el Médioni Café Oran Raï Rock Rhumba Piranha No
Steely Dan Aja Josie ABC No
Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul 16 Visions Of Ex-Futur Fuir les Aborigenes by Berangere Maximin Crammed Discs No
Jean-Michel Jarré Electronica 2- The Heart of Noise These Creatures Aero Productions / Columbia / Sony No
Les Mercenaires de L'Ambiance Le Bal de l'Afrique Enchantée Mona Ki Ngi Xica (Live) La Queue de la Comète No
Aurelio Darandi Sañanaru Real World Records No
Acid Arab Musique de France A3ssifa feat. Rizan Said Crammed Discs No

"Worlds of Music" presents the traditional and contemporary sounds that could be found anywhere in the world. On the program one may hear anything from anonymously recorded chants or work songs of an isolated or bygone culture on to trip-hop or club sounds by urban expatriates where cultural boundaries are fuzzy.